1 week of marriage down. It still feels weird to say I have a husband or that we’re married! But it also feels really good to call him my husband and know we’re both fully committed for life. Nothing has changed on the outside (besides those rings on our fingers) – we both still work a lot, head to the gym a lot, dedicate Saturdays to rugby and Sundays to football; but on the inside, it feels different and it feels GOOD.


We have some pretty lofty goals for out first year of marriage – pay off 75% of debt, increase our savings to a comfortable down payment for a house, and hopefully have a kid. I also have some personal goals – continue our Friday date nights, keep K. from breaking himself during rugby (aka patching him up afterwards), and revamp my health both nutritionally and physically.


Here’s to many more weeks, months, years to come. For now we celebrate 1 week with “cigar Sundays”, football, and buffalo chicken dip!


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