Stress Relief

How do you handle stress? Everyone experiences it differently - some thrive under it and some buckle. I think I'm somewhere in between. I can handle a lot of things thrown at me, but once I reach that breaking point :: GAME OVER. There has been a lot of stuff going on this month, both... Continue Reading →

March Books

I set a goal to read 6 books in March and to not spend any money doing so. I rocked my goal and forced myself to start re-utilizing the library and their e-books. I only read 2 amazing, would recommend to anyone books but I'm also trying to branch outs and try different genres/styles so... Continue Reading →


Somehow March flew by with nary a peep from me (with the exception of the February Book Review). Every time I sat down I felt like I had nothing to say or my thoughts weren't interesting enough to share... so I stopped sitting down and a month goes by. I seem to have this paralyzing... Continue Reading →

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