Feed Your Body (Week of July 1)

After a long week of indulgence in Vegas, I'm ready to start July off with a bang! My OTF membership is officially on freeze so I will be running outside more and making use of our home "gym" and my cheap Planet Fitness membership. The key for me is going to be keeping up my... Continue Reading →

Health & Fitness Goals

In January I wrote down my goals for 2019, one of which largely focused on my health and fitness. I don't make goals about losing weight or fitting into clothes I can't wear anymore. For me, it's about the way my body feels and what it can accomplish. The 2 things I really wanted to... Continue Reading →

Run with the Marines

This past weekend was Historic Half weekend in town. The Marine Corps Half Marathon has been hosted in Fredericksburg since 2008 and brings THOUSANDS of runners and spectators to the town every year. There is a huge military presence in the surrounding area and majority of people who live here have some connection to one... Continue Reading →

I made it through 5 days in a row of Hell Week workouts at OTF (day 6 & final day for me is tomorrow)...

Stand Tall

Hunched over your phone, furiously texting back and forth with your friends. Bent over your controller, racking up points in your favorite video game. Slumped in your car seat, dredging your way through the morning commute. Slouched over, trying not to draw attention to yourself... There's a common theme here and its really crappy posture.... Continue Reading →

The Pain of Low Back Pain

"Nowadays, most people suffer from low back pain". I still remember a doctor telling me that as he pushed a prescription for pain medication towards me. Didn't do an exam, didn't take any imaging of my back, just prescribed me some meds and called it a day. And sadly, it's true. With how sedentary our... Continue Reading →

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