Walking through Twilight

I flew out to Washington State last Friday to visit one of my closest friends. Meaghan has lived in some great places while serving in the US Navy, which means I've gotten to visit some great places! This was my first time out to Washington so I was definitely excited to go. Our main plan... Continue Reading →

Weekly Dose of Positivity (6.22.19)

This post is a day late due to yesterday’s long travel day but that means I get to write this from my friend’s kitchen table out in Northwestern Washington in a cool 55 degrees – feels so good to not already be humid and miserable before 8:00 in the morning! Travel Accessories – All my... Continue Reading →

Health & Fitness Goals

In January I wrote down my goals for 2019, one of which largely focused on my health and fitness. I don't make goals about losing weight or fitting into clothes I can't wear anymore. For me, it's about the way my body feels and what it can accomplish. The 2 things I really wanted to... Continue Reading →

A Day for Dad Jokes

Today's the day to hug a dad - any dad, doesn't have to be your own, could even be a fur-dad! - and listen to some corny dad jokes♥   ♥♥♥

Weekly Dose of Positivity (6.14.19)

It's finally Friday! Even though I'm not working right now I still get excited about the end of the week and that feeling the weekend gives you. So without further ado, here are the things I've been loving this week: Dunkin Donuts Coconut Coffee - I really only go to an actual Dunkin the fall... Continue Reading →

Travel Anxiety

I've talked before about my packing strategy when it comes to traveling, but in that I never mentioned the anxiety that comes with it. K brought to my attention that I leave NEXT Friday for a big trip ( I swear it was further away) and my first thought was "oh shit". Now I'm obsessively... Continue Reading →

House Updates

We've been in our house for close to 7 months now and there has been a slow progress on updates and renovations. With the house being so old and not well cared for, a lot of the work that needs to be done is expensive and we have to space out our projects. The first... Continue Reading →

May Books

Well May was a sloooooow book month. I read 2 books. Seriously?! I never made it to the library in May and was pretty distracted with life to get serious about reading. June is looking promising though - I have already finished 1 book and I'm halfway through another, plus I went to the library... Continue Reading →

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