Nursery Rhyme

When we first found out we were having a baby, we started making plans for creating his nursery. We have one more bedroom in the house that needs to be completely overhauled - new drywall and ceiling, new windows, new lighting fixture, updated closet space, increased and updated electrical outlets.... like I said, completely overhauled.... Continue Reading →

Into the Unknown

It feels like a lifetime since I last sat down to write anything here. And as everyone else has been saying, we're in a completely different world now. Not only that, I'M in a completely different world now - motherhood! K and I have just been hibernating since the birth of Baby Bach. He is... Continue Reading →

Best Buys 2019

We're halfway through January and I'm still working on kicking off this year on a strong note. I started combing through my house/closet/life and really got to thinking - what were the best purchases I made in 2019? Lately I tend to focus on the bad when it comes to managing or the lack of managing... Continue Reading →

It’s a new year…

NEW YEAR. NEW DECADE. WHAAAAT?! The remainder of 2019 flew by in a blur for me. Training and starting a new job, the holidays, home projects and that pregnancy life made me feel so busy and frazzled by the time December ended. I'm definitely one of those people who view January 1 as a reset.... Continue Reading →

Ready for November

October may usher in that true Fall season, but November is my favorite. The weather really starts to turn cool/cold, I can cozy up in comfy sweaters with hot cocoa and a roaring fire, and it’s the start of the birthday and holiday season for my family. Pregnancy has really screwed with my mood the... Continue Reading →

October Books (fail)

This will be a very short post about my failure. The amount of books I read in the month of October was an epic 0. ZERO! I knew I was still having trouble getting my mind back into reading but I didn’t realize I was at zilch until I checked my goodreads account.  I am... Continue Reading →

First Trimester Recap

When K and I found out we were expecting, I was about 5 weeks along. I immediately made an appointment to verify, and then went back at 8 weeks for my full first prenatal exam and ultrasound. With barely any symptoms, even seeing the tiny little dot on the ultrasound felt so unbelievable. At my... Continue Reading →

The End of the 101 List!

With August 14th upon us (well tomorrow), my current 101 in 1,001 List is coming to an end. Anything that I didn't accomplish but still want to and anything that I want to push myself to do again will be added to the new list. In total I accomplished 41 of the 101 goals I... Continue Reading →

Send Love This Way

This week flew by superfast! I had a few events packed in there (saw Lion King - the scene with Mufasa is just as traumatizing 25 years later) and some workouts but nothing too crazy or intense. Yet despite the week flying by, I do feel ready for the weekend! This week's loves: Allbirds -... Continue Reading →

That Love List (7.27.19)

I spent majority of yesterday painting our living room. I'm pretty sure at this point I just live covered in paint 24/7. The room looks and feels so light and airy, it makes me happy to just sit in there and relax. We have more yard clean up planned for today, with a trip to... Continue Reading →

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