June Books

With June being the first full month of unemployment, I had A LOT of free time to read. I made it through 13 books this month - a few great ones, a series I fell in love with, some OK ones, and one that I found awful. #1 Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology {Leah Remini}... Continue Reading →

May Books

Well May was a sloooooow book month. I read 2 books. Seriously?! I never made it to the library in May and was pretty distracted with life to get serious about reading. June is looking promising though - I have already finished 1 book and I'm halfway through another, plus I went to the library... Continue Reading →

April Books

April was a very busy book month and I was definitely using my time to read as a stress reliever. I read a few classics/standards for me, deep dived into a Nora Roberts trilogy, tried 2 that I was unsure of, and checked out 2 that were mentioned repeatedly on the Bad on Paper podcast.... Continue Reading →

March Books

I set a goal to read 6 books in March and to not spend any money doing so. I rocked my goal and forced myself to start re-utilizing the library and their e-books. I only read 2 amazing, would recommend to anyone books but I'm also trying to branch outs and try different genres/styles so... Continue Reading →

February Books

I only read 3 new books in February, though I also re-read a 3 book series. So far I've knocked out 12 out of 60 new books for 2019. I'm on the hunt for new ones to try! I just started listening to the Bad on Paper podcast so hopefully I'll stumble on some good... Continue Reading →

January Books

I started out 2019 with a pretty impressive January reading list. I have a goal of reading 60 NEW books this year (can't count the re-reads) and I knocked out 9 in January! It helped that I made it to the library twice and I'm still forgoing most TV so I end up with more... Continue Reading →

December Books

I went to check out my goodreads account and discovered that I read 3 books in December. THREE. Apparently life got way in the way of things and I completely dropped the ball there. I guess all the packing, and moving, and holiday life got the best of me. I vow to get back in... Continue Reading →

November Books

November was a light book month for me. I dove head first into a YA series and then tapered off towards that last couple weeks. I try to read a little bit at night but I was either at the gym or going to bed early and before I knew it, I had a half... Continue Reading →

October Books

I made an effort to get more into reading and less into TV watching this month (much to the dismay of K., who misses our Chicago binge watching dates). I made it to the library twice this month and only got suckered into buying on iBooks twice - it's a tough habit. Immediate, recently released... Continue Reading →

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