That Love List (7.27.19)

I spent majority of yesterday painting our living room. I'm pretty sure at this point I just live covered in paint 24/7. The room looks and feels so light and airy, it makes me happy to just sit in there and relax. We have more yard clean up planned for today, with a trip to... Continue Reading →

The Great Purge

Material excess. That is a large part of the world we live in today. Fast fashion vs investment pieces. Instant gratification and impulse buys. Packed closets and overflowing dresser drawers. Not everyone has these issues, I know, but I've come across more friends dealing with the overabundance versus the minimal. I wanted to write this... Continue Reading →

Crank the Heat Up (Week of 7.22.19)

I learned from last week that I need to pay attention to my body and how it feels before pre-planning exact workouts each day. My body felt "off" earlier in the week so I ended up scrapping the long run and focusing more on a yoga flow. Thursday's workout had more jumping than normal in... Continue Reading →

Think Positive (7.19.19)

This was a trying week. I felt un-motivated to do MORE than needed and the days flew by pretty quickly without me accomplishing much. This is one of those times I have to push myself to think positively and get out of that negative rut. This week's loves: Ruffwear harness - I initially bought one... Continue Reading →

Change of Direction

I feel like I've been trying to figure out my life for the longest time. There was a span where I actually moved every 1-2 years - I went from New York ⇒ Texas ⇒ Virginia ⇒ Florida ⇒ and finally back to Virginia. I went from working as a college and/or high school athletic... Continue Reading →

Good Vibes Only (7.12.19)

It's crazy that yet another week has gone by. We got back from North Carolina LATE Sunday night and I feel like the past days have been a blur. I sat here last night and tried to figure out what I actually did this week because I feel like I wasn't accomplishing things... but I... Continue Reading →

Vegas Lights

The second part of my vacation last week was spent in Las Vegas and was part work/part play. I had my national convention out there and K flew out to join me. He spent a lot of time at the pool and wandering around while I was in sessions but we also had a lot... Continue Reading →

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