All Hallows’ Eve

Happy Halloween! The holiday itself has moved so far away from its original intention, and now its really known for trick-or-treating, kids in costumes, and endless amounts of candy. I'm not a huge Halloween person and would rather spend the evening around a bonfire with friends. Regardless of my adult views on Halloween, I definitely... Continue Reading →

What’s Your Packing Style?

How do you pack? Are you a hardcore organizer with lists, a frantic last-minute packer, or somewhere in-between? I am definitely an organizer. I like to be prepared, sometimes over prepared, but its a process I enjoy. There are several steps I take when figuring out how to pack for a trip. Obsessively check the... Continue Reading →

I made it through 5 days in a row of Hell Week workouts at OTF (day 6 & final day for me is tomorrow)...

October Books

I made an effort to get more into reading and less into TV watching this month (much to the dismay of K., who misses our Chicago binge watching dates). I made it to the library twice this month and only got suckered into buying on iBooks twice - it's a tough habit. Immediate, recently released... Continue Reading →

It’s Friiidaaay!

When I was in high school a group of guys would always jump up in the cafeteria and yell "it's Friiiiiiiidaaaaaaay". It sounds silly and slightly juvenile, but it always made the day seem better. They'd yell and you'd think to yourself "ah yes, Friday. Where have you been all week?!". I still love Fridays... Continue Reading →

Stand Tall

Hunched over your phone, furiously texting back and forth with your friends. Bent over your controller, racking up points in your favorite video game. Slumped in your car seat, dredging your way through the morning commute. Slouched over, trying not to draw attention to yourself... There's a common theme here and its really crappy posture.... Continue Reading →

There’s an Excitement in the Air

Ever notice how the things we look forward to always happen so quickly and everything else drags on?! I LOVE having something to look forward to, it really makes the mundane times tolerable. Sometimes that something is just a Mellow Mushroom date on a Saturday afternoon (like this weekend) and sometimes its a big thing... Continue Reading →

Saturday’s A Rugby Day

I've spent the past 4 years in the rugby world, and I can attest that rugby players are some of the toughest people in the world. As some descriptions go "it's a hooligan's game played by gentlemen". Rugby keeps it's violence on the field unlike soccer and it doesn't apologize for it like the NFL. The... Continue Reading →

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