The Magic Behind the Curtain

Now that K. and I have been married for a little over 2 weeks, I wanted to highlight the vendors that were the magic behind making our day as seamless as possible. Venue: Walden Hall is a bed & breakfast created by the owners of Bald Top Brewing Co. They opened the B&B with the... Continue Reading →

My 101 List

Its the first full day of Fall and I'm sitting at a friend's farm enjoying a {FINALLY} cool day. As I stated a few posts back, I had 5 goals I wanted to focus on this year. Some I got sidetracked or lost track of, but some I crushed. And this last goal was one... Continue Reading →

Money and Happiness

Goal #3 Finances Put 10% of paychecks towards credit card debt Keep emergency savings account at or above $1000 Create a "workable" budget So many people are clueless when it comes to finances. I would put me in the moderately clueless. I know what needs to be done (ok 85% know) but its the actually... Continue Reading →


Goal #2 - Friendships My second goal for this year was to focus more on friendships - TRUE friendships. I would so much rather have a few extremely close friends than a massive selection of sometimes there/sometimes not friends. Are those people really your friends, or just random company so you don't have to do... Continue Reading →

A Glance Back…

I was flipping through my 2018 planner the other day and came across the page where I had written all my goals/focuses for 2018. I made those goals with fresh eyes at the start of the new year, and yet had completely forgotten about them (slightly typical). So now I'm forcing myself to sit down... Continue Reading →

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