Shopping for Fall

I’ve mentioned before that I have a “slight” shopping problem (this week alone I’ve purchased things from RockTape, J.Crew, Lululemon, Amazon and World Rugby Shop) but with the start of October and fall season underway, the itch is stroooong. I have gotten significantly better at impulse shopping and buying on trend. The past few season changes, I’ve done thorough closet clean outs to get rid of the stuff I’m not wearing and to figure out what I actually NEED in my wardrobe.

Here is a round-up of what I have bought for new fall season:




Tahari Ellie Double Face Wool Blend Wrap Coat – I’ve been in need of a new winter coat (I gave my previous 2 to my sister-in-law) and found this one through Nordstrom. It’s definitely a new-to-me brand but I love the wrap style and the color compliments pretty much everything I wear daily. It’s definitely a lighter material than my previous one but the arms are looser so I can actually wear my sweaters underneath and I have some great blanket scarves to pair it with.

Levi’s Rain Jacket – I have a NorthFace raincoat that I pair with my NF fleeces when I need a heavier warmth but I wanted something that looked a little more put together for my normal clothes versus my scrubs and workout gear. Plus the lavender color is amazing and perfect for cheering up on a rainy day.


J.Crew’s sweater game is strong, and this season is no exception. Sweaters in general are not much of a necessity since I have quite a few, but they are also the main thing I reach for in the cooler months and I tend to reach for the same ones over and over again. Last year I got a mock neck style sweater from Madewell for Christmas and the style wound up being a favorite. I also bought the sweater blazer style from J.Crew back in the spring in a lighter blue shade and threw it on constantly over my tank tops when I was cold.

Women’s 1988 Rollneck Sweater– I tried this one on in the stores and loved the style. I was tempted to get multiple colors (there was a sale) but ultimately made myself just choose one. I went with the light gray since I tend to reach more for the neutral colors and knew that color would get more wear than the brighter ones.

Sophie Open-Front Sweater Blazer – As I said, I love my light blue blazer of the same style and have been itching to get another in a neutral shade. Tan is a go-to for me because it goes with just about any color – especially black. And majority of my tops are varying shades of white, blue and black. It’s the perfect “jacket” when you need just a little bit more warmth but not a full on coat.

Turtleneck Poncho with Buttons – Over-sized sweaters are legit and interesting details excite me. This sweater hit both of those buttons. It’s not crazy big where I look like I’m swimming in it, and it’s so perfectly cozy. I can’t wait to wear it with leggings for a casual lounge day or for tromping around my friend’s farm.


ASTR the Label Liv Eyelet Dress {sold out at Nordstrom} – Another new-to-me brand! I deep dived into Nordstrom’s website during their big sale and found a few new brands I really liked. This dress is one of my favorite purchases so far. I was hesitant at first because the few reviews on it weren’t fantastic and I always thoroughly read those when shopping online. I loved all the details of it though – the deep V, the buttons up the front, and the tie around waist. So far I have gotten to wear it once, I changed into it after the wedding reception for the after party and the look was amazing. I can’t wait to wear it in early fall with some boots and booties!


Broken-in long-sleeve Pocket T-shirt – J.Crew, again, is one of my go-tos for basic layering tees. I wear a lot of white tops, but after looking through my closet I realized that I was sorely lacking in long-sleeves shirts. I wanted something classic that I could wear a bunch of different ways, plus I loved the little pocket that takes away from it just being a plain white tee.


Sam Edelman Maurine Bootie {sold out at Nordstrom} – When it is cold out, boots. are. my. jam. I hate cold ankles or feet and I want them covered when I’m venturing out. I already have 5 pairs of boots of varying styles (cowboy boots, riding boots, cowboy ankle boots, heeled booties, and over-the-knee boots) but they are ALL brown! My black footwear has pretty much been non-existent since I got rid of my black knee-high motorcycle boots (weren’t my style – gifted to my sister-in-law) and I was always at a loss as to what to wear with my black tops. After seeing the booties reviewed on another blogger’s page (sequins and stripes), I checked them out and decided to give it a go. They definitely get 2 thumbs up and I’m excited to wear them as it gets cooler!

I typically buy myself a new pair of workout leggings each season, but sadly the Lulu ones I ordered did not pass the squat test. Luckily I’m visiting my cousin in Raleigh tomorrow and can pop into the store down there to exchange them! It’s always a nice workout boost to have a new outfit to rock and I love to change up my textures each season 🙂

Outside of the clothes, I also recently bought K. a new pair of rugby cleats (he finally destroyed his playing in the muddiest rugby game last weekend), a new RockBlades tool for work (one of my favorites for soft-tissue manipulation), and an external disc drive since our computers are lacking one. And now I’m promising to myself the fall shopping binge is over (minus the leggings exchange!) and its back to counting pennies and paying off those student loans.


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