It’s Friiidaaay!

When I was in high school a group of guys would always jump up in the cafeteria and yell “it’s Friiiiiiiidaaaaaaay”. It sounds silly and slightly juvenile, but it always made the day seem better. They’d yell and you’d think to yourself “ah yes, Friday. Where have you been all week?!”. I still love Fridays – I have a half day at work so my weekend feels longer. I get to go to the early evening class at the gym, sometimes I take a nap, most of the times I knock out some laundry (ugh folding is the worst), and K. and I have our date nights.

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This week, no nap. I haven’t felt like I needed one in a while, but let me tell you there are some Fridays where I come home at noon and pass out for 3 hours. Those are some rough weeks! I stopped at AT&T after work to check in on my phone upgrade and came out with an iPhone XS. Still figuring things out there. The hardest part about changing phones is remembering all your different logins for various apps and resigning in to everything (I had to reset my entire apple password in the store. No clue what that was. The thumbprint login is great but completely awful at helping remember the actual password). Not a ton of differences between the phones but I am pretty excited to test out the better camera at K.’s rugby game tomorrow!

Here are some of the things “on my radar” {check out Carly’s blog for the original On My Radar posts} this week:

Orangetheory Fitness is having their annual Hell Week workouts. The week runs from the 24th-31st and is basically just crazy, difficult workouts. If you go to 5 of 8 workouts, you get a t-shirt. Today is Day 3 and apparently I’m in for some ridiculously awful inclines. Someone on reddit actually compared it to a Shakespearean tragedy – the comments on those are hilarious. As crazy as Hell Week sounds, it’s actually extremely fun and gets the whole gym community fired up and pushes you out of your comfort zone. You are completely in control of how hard your workout is!

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J.Crew is having another up to 40% off sale (select items) with the code BRRR. There have been a lot of sales lately, hovering between 30-40% off. I’ve actually gotten to the point where I rarely buy anything from them full price (unless it’s something that has been on my wish-list for an extreme time and is still excluded from promos. Then I bite the bullet). Some of my top picks include this jacket, this sweater, these jeans, and this sweater blazer.

One of my co-workers and I got on the topic of Brian Regan (best comedian) this week and it prompted me to pull up some of his old shows on youtube.  I used to have an entire show on CD and would listen to it in my car. He literally has some of the best jokes and its all about stupid things you actually do or experienced – “you too”, little league baseball, hooked on phonics, plurals…. what’s the plural for moose? MOOSEN! I think one of my favorite things is there’s no dirtiness or cussing. I love a good dirty joke, but he is just so fresh. Also the rule is DON’T EVER EVER EVER EVER guess if a woman is pregnant hahahaha. I attached a link to my favorite one of his -I could sit here and just laugh for an hour and I’ve already listened to this so many times.

Jescakoo Muscle Print Women's Ankle Length Tight Skinny LeggingsI finally ordered these leggings from Amazon. I’ve been wanting them for years and just never bought them but this year I decided they’d be perfect for our work Halloween day. They look just as awesome in person!!



Enjoy your Friday!

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