November Books


November was a light book month for me. I dove head first into a YA series and then tapered off towards that last couple weeks. I try to read a little bit at night but I was either at the gym or going to bed early and before I knew it, I had a half read book sitting on my night stand for 2 weeks.


  1. Red Queen (Red Queen, #1)Red Queen {Victoria Aveyard} – A; Somewhat similar to the Hunger Games, the world is split between the Reds and the Silvers. The Silvers have various superpowers and rule over the lesser Reds, who are typically stuck in poverty with no hope for change. Enter Mare – a Red who somehow has Silver-like powers and threatens to change their whole existence. As the first book in the 4 part series, it was the best (as always). Again, not the most original but it was entertaining and easy to slip into this makeshift world for a few hours!
  2. Glass Sword (Red Queen, #2)Glass Sword {Victoria Aveyard} – B; The second one in the series dealing with betrayals and Mare finding out she’s not the only one like her. There are relationship triangles, power plays and revolution plans – like I said, similar ideas to the other recent YA series. Still entertaining to me and I was curious how/where she was going to take the novel.
  3. King's Cage (Red Queen, #3)King’s Cage {Victoria Aveyard} – B; The third book in the Red Queen series. Mare is mostly held captive by the Silver king throughout this book and it explores the weird dynamic between the 2 characters. There are some unexpected character twists that helped steer the book and the revolution continues to burn.
  4. War Storm (Red Queen, #4)War Storm {Victoria Aveyard} – B-; The final book in the series. Definitely a lot more fighting present in this one as the 2 worlds are fighting for power and righteousness. The way that the Silver and “newblood” characters control their powers is intriguing, especially the way the author has them use those powers in battle. I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the ending, I felt like it left some loose ends especially with the 2 main characters. Overall, I enjoyed the whole series though.
  5. Lies Jane Austen Told MeLies Jane Austen Told Me {Julie Wright} – C; Standard rom-com, easy read. It was a cute, funny story based off of the main character’s (Emma) obsession with Jane Austen and her books. She falls for a guy, thinks they might get married, gets embarrassed then has to spend the next few months working closely with the guy’s brother. Does she fall for him or does she get back together with the original guy? Does she let her pride get in the way of her happiness, or does her prejudice hold her back? These are the things the author “teases” you with throughout the book. Overall, its funny and the plot/ending is somewhat expected.
  6. Spymaster (Scot Harvath, #18)Spymaster {Brad Thor} – B+; Book #18 in the whole Scot Harvath series. The books Brad Thor writes are definitely taking into consideration current situations and political drama, which makes the books incredibly fascinating. Spymaster deals with Scot’s mentor and his deteriorating health and the threats that poses to national security, as well as a secret plan by Russia for world dominance. I enjoy these books, they’re just a great political spy thriller!

I’m still working to finish a memoir I started last month, but other than that I haven’t started any new books for December. It’s time to delve into my Want to Read list on Goodreads!


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