Goal #2 – Friendships

My second goal for this year was to focus more on friendships – TRUE friendships. I would so much rather have a few extremely close friends than a massive selection of sometimes there/sometimes not friends. Are those people really your friends, or just random company so you don’t have to do something alone? The hard part for me is the few I consider close don’t live anywhere near me. Even the friends who “live in my town” actually live 30-45 minutes away. Makes it extremely hard to get together for a random happy hour or spontaneous day adventure. Any event or get together has to be planned out way in advance. Oy – and the travel plans! Finding the time and money to set plans with those far away friends is HARD. And that is where my focus is. Is the hard worth it? Do I value this person’s friendship enough to put in the effort when its hard? Easy is easy. But hard? I’ve got to really like this person!

Lucky for me, I found an amazing, strong group of women.  Scattered all over the country, but they’re worth it. And I can’t wait to visit with each and every one of them (travels plans already set for Buffalo, NY!).



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