Money and Happiness

Goal #3 Finances

  • Put 10% of paychecks towards credit card debt
  • Keep emergency savings account at or above $1000
  • Create a “workable” budget

So many people are clueless when it comes to finances. I would put me in the moderately clueless. I know what needs to be done (ok 85% know) but its the actually DOING of it that I lack.

I have an emergency savings account at $1000, so that goal was accomplished. K. and I opened a joint checking and savings account solely for our joint expenses. Our savings account is focused on long-term (house buying in the future hopefully!) and our checking covers whatever bills we share. There is a budget somewhere in there, its just not solid. So still working on that goal.

As for 10% towards credit card debt… I instead have ADDED to my debt by helping my parents pay for some of the wedding expenses. (I will also freely admit I have a bit of a shopping problem that I am forcing myself to face.) So now my goal and focus is to dig myself out of the hole I put myself in. I’m attempting the Dave Ramsey snowball effect (start with lowest debt and work your way up as you cross things off) so fingers crossed I can work my way out!

Goal #4 – Try something new every month

I have honestly had this goal every year for the past 3 years and I actually did really well with it. This time around, I wound up taking a break from actively trying to find something for every single month and was more into just trying to find new experiences or go to new places overall.

Some new things I’ve done this year:

  • Got engaged!
  • Went to the Vegas 7s International Rugby tournament
  • Joined a new gym
  • Went camping
  • Got married!
  • New hiking trails
  • Tried CBD products for health
  • Started a blog journal
  • Went white water rafting
  • Got certified in RockBlades


Goal #5 coming later! And it’s the last one I had for this year 🙂


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