Life, lately

This week was a rough one. I definitely made it harder than it needed to be but when it comes down to it, some moods just weigh you and everything around you down. This weekend feels like a breath of fresh air. Friday’s are typically a half day at work so personal time starts that much sooner – it’s that amazing treat always waiting at the end of the week. There’s no rain today so its just sunny and cold, which may sound horrible to some but I am READY for.

Image result for life has its ups and downsThere was nothing pressing I had to do after work today so I got to come home for lunch and curl up with the cat (she’s getting over her madness from me accidentally locking her in the guest bathroom all night) and a book. The book was decent, sort of like a rom-com and ended up being a very quick and easy read. I’ve also been flipping through my new “cookbook” – Real Food Heals – and I’m excited to read through the whole thing. Being healthy and nutritious with our eating always feels like more of a chore than an enjoyment around the holidays so I’m looking forward to finding more inspiration. Friday afternoons are reserved for my downtime and once 3:15 rolls around I start prepping for my evening workout class – waiting until then to change into my workout clothes and prep my pre-workout drink (Advocare spark + l’argenine) help get me pumped to go instead of dragging my feet after being cozy all afternoon. We still try to do our Friday night date nights, though with NOVA traffic it’s always a toss-up on when K will get home from work. Typically we end up snuggling on the couch with a drink until one of us falls asleep… might convince him to watch Die Hard tonight though!

We have 2 Friendsgiving events Saturday. I love the whole Friendsgiving thing – celebrating the holidays with friends seems to pull everyone together a little closer. I do believe that you have the family you were born into and the family that you make and both should be celebrated.

We’re starting our afternoon at our friend Nick’s LOTS of food and drinks then heading over to our friend Erika’s for pie and a bonfire. Instead of hosting a dinner this year, they opted to just do straight dessert. Everyone is bringing a dish and a $5 entry fee and someone will be crowned Pie Master! I’m more looking forward to the bonfire though 🙂 We’re also staying the night over there so we can head out for a nice cold weather hike in the morning! We’re planing on redoing my birthday hike from last year and then checking out the winery right by the entrance to the trail head #hikethenwine.

Like I said at the beginning, this weekend feels like a breath of fresh air and is just what I need to bust out of the melancholy. It certainly helps that it’s followed up by the shortest workweek ever and more holiday fun.

Cheers to the weekend!


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