Game On.

It's the first day of the new year and as cliché as it is, I always like to think of my goals for the upcoming year and see where I'm at with the intentions I set for the past year. I made some good moves over the past 12 months, but I also made some... Continue Reading →

Goodbye 2018

It's the last day of 2018, and in the midst of all the cleaning and errands done today, I've been thinking about everything that has happened in the past year. There were some really high highs and the occasional low. Overall, I'd say 2018 was a great year for me experience-wise. There is definite room... Continue Reading →


With the holidays and moving, plus not having internet for a week+, I wound up taking a small break from writing. We officially got everything into the house and turned in our apartment keys on the 16th... and immediately went out and bought a Christmas tree because I NEEDED to decorate. I really can't wait... Continue Reading →

Manic Monday

Today is definitely a Monday. After a full weekend of welcoming the holiday season, I need another day off and a nap! My co-workers are trying to keep me fueled with coffee and humor but who knows how much longer til I crash. Friday night we had an event in our community. The leasing office... Continue Reading →

Finances vs the Holidays

I love gifts. I love giving them to other people and I love giving them to myself. I've talked about my need for paying down my debt (just student loans and credit cards - I paid off my car this past October!!) so I try to be financially savvy yet when the holidays hit, it's... Continue Reading →

Running for Turkey

When I was a kid, my family was one of those race families, We did a bunch of 5ks, fun runs, and relays - maybe because my parents were trying to instill a love of fitness in us, or because we were young and they were hoping to burn some of our energy off -... Continue Reading →

Little Devil Stairs

I convinced K we needed to go hiking this past weekend and luckily he agreed. We haven't been able to go much this summer and fall with all the wedding events and rugby Saturdays we had on the schedule. All of that has ended for the season (with the exception of the Christmas 7's rugby... Continue Reading →

Life, lately

This week was a rough one. I definitely made it harder than it needed to be but when it comes down to it, some moods just weigh you and everything around you down. This weekend feels like a breath of fresh air. Friday's are typically a half day at work so personal time starts that... Continue Reading →

Buffalo recap

I've had a silent week with our quick vacay and playing catch up at work but now I'm back! K. and I flew into Buffalo this past weekend for an early birthday celebration, and we both took Friday and Monday off work so we wouldn't feel rushed or stressed at the start or tail-end of... Continue Reading →

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