December Books

See the source imageI went to check out my goodreads account and discovered that I read 3 books in December. THREE. Apparently life got way in the way of things and I completely dropped the ball there. I guess all the packing, and moving, and holiday life got the best of me. I vow to get back in the groove this month and am searching for any new books anyone wants to pass my way!


  1. This Will Only Hurt a LittleThis Will Only Hurt a Little {Busy Phillips} – B; It took me a while to finish this one but that’s usually the case with non-fiction/memoir stuff for me. I was intrigued about the book after seeing all the talk about it but I honestly wasn’t sure what TV shows or movies I had seen Busy Phillips in. I kept hearing or seeing her name, and I was completely blank. After reading the book, I recognize her in general (mostly from Dawson’s Creek) and it was interesting to see all her dynamics with other people in the business – both friends and foes. Definitely some eye-opening events occurred to her throughout her life, but she definitely seems to be  rise above and conquer kind of gal (though I think it took her a bit to get there).
  2. Of Blood and Bone (Chronicles of The One, #2) Of Blood and Bone {Nora Roberts} – B; This is book 2 in the Chronicles of The One. Nora Roberts writes some crazy fantasy novels though definite fluff style. Her books are a little break from reality. This series features a plague that wipes out half the world, a bunch of people who discover they have magical powers, and those who turn to the dark versus the light. In the midst is the person referred to as “the One”, the person who is going to end the chaos and bring the world back to order. Book 2 focuses on the growth and training of “the One”, a young girl coming into her own in the midst of all the destruction and battles. The book spans a couple years, and shows her in her teenage years navigating those growing pains along with the pains of learning how handle her “talents” and become the leader the world needs. It sounds crazy, but I find the series enjoyable 🙂 I’m looking forward to the last one in the series.
  3. 30399 The Switch {Sandra Brown} – D; I enjoy Sandra Brown’s books, they’re like Nora Roberts – enjoyable fluff providing some escape from the world. But this one was AWFUL. I finished it because I wanted to see where the train wreck was going, but it was mostly read with questioning disgust. The whole premise is a set of identical twins trade places and one is murdered. Everyone is led to believe its Gillian who was murdered, and her twin Melina and the guy Gillian spent her last night with team up to find her killer… I called it right from the beginning that it was Melina who died not Gillian because the whole thing seemed too weird. Plus the main guy character claimed to have fallen in love with Gillian on their one night, but he and Melina had this crazy chemistry and they end up sleeping together… except he thinks he’s sleeping with the twin of his murdered love one and she knows its really her… too freaking weird. And the whole book was about this crazy religious cult trying to create the perfect race with artificial insemination. Don’t read it.

So those were the books I spent December reading. Nothing too great to talk about, and nothing to really recommend. Fingers crossed for some better reading this month!!

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