Sunday thoughts

At my yoga class today, our instructor had us start the class with a personal intention. I usually have 2 that I pick from – strength and love. The love is for myself – I force myself to acknowledge what I need that day and how my body feels as I take myself through the practice. If I need a quick break, am having an off day, killing it with new poses, or pushing myself through the burn – I have love for my body and whatever it needs that day. I used to not. I’d be upset or angry when I didn’t get a pose that was normally easy or push myself through class even when I might need a breather because I didn’t want to look weak (I was the only one thinking I was weak). Ever since I started making that my intention, I’ve felt a better connection to my movements and enjoyed class more.

Image result for self love quotesWhile flowing through class, I started thinking about that intention and how I don’t actually apply it to the rest of my life. I am so highly negative to myself. The only time I actually practice self-love is during yoga. Outside of that its relegated to the back burner! There are so many positive things I have going for me yet I fixate on the negative. And the more negatively (or positively) you think, the easier that path becomes! I don’t have some magic fix or some eye-opening new strategy to talk about. I just wanted to put these thoughts into words and force myself into self awareness.

Food for thought: My husband thinks I look great right now, but if I keep voicing these negatives and bad views of myself is he going to start believing it too? I mean, if I can’t appreciate what I currently have and can do, how can I expect someone else to?

So here are my thoughts for Sunday – stop beating myself up and give me little love 🙂 Cheers to a happier week!



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