Health & Fitness Goals

In January I wrote down my goals for 2019, one of which largely focused on my health and fitness. I don’t make goals about losing weight or fitting into clothes I can’t wear anymore. For me, it’s about the way my body feels and what it can accomplish. The 2 things I really wanted to focus on this year was nutrition and cross-training and I can’t say that I feel great about my efforts.

Everyone has different challenges when it comes to adherence – whether its nutrition based or sticking to a training program. For me it’s easy to stick with a workout class but hard to get the motivation to work out on my own. I’ve been going to OTF 5-6x/week and its great. I schedule my classes out a week or two in advance and then write them in my planner and our google calendar. I end up building my day around the classes and that works for me. My account is freezing at the end of the month and I’m going to have to work extra hard to get myself outside for a run or get into the gym (I have a small set-up at home and K also has a Planet Fitness membership I can use for now).  I used to create workout programs for myself all the time and I just got tired of it. I don’t want to think about it at all, so I’m trying to find good resources to help kick my butt (I have used Nike Training Club in the past and will probably start off there). I definitely have a hard time establishing my personal practice for yoga so I try to utilize a studio. Not quite an option right now, unless my mom brings me to a class as her free guest for the month, so that’s another thing I’ll will be working on. Figuring out what your triggers are to either follow a plan or fail it are key to creating the optimal environment to succeed. Need a workout buddy? Create an accountability group, meet a friend for a workout, or enlist your partner’s help. Need someone to call, wake you up and get your butt moving? There’s probably a person in your life who would love to help. For me its telling someone else my plans, having a great playlist, and finding workouts that are “fun”.


Nutrition wise, I know there are things that I can’t keep in the house because I have no control. Solution – I don’t buy them. If I don’t surround myself with tempting things, then I’m not tempted. I mostly buy healthy stuff – fruits, veggies, hummus, nuts – and avoid the junk such as chips and dip. The occasional times K brings that stuff home, it definitely doesn’t last long. But that’s why its occasional and not something we constantly keep in stock. One thing that I do need to work on is my water intake on the weekends and not indulging in cider (and others) as much. I’m all about moderation but I also know I’m doing damage to my weekly progress when I “splurge” on the weekends.
03.01 VEGAS Me drinks

I’ve been following along on Liz Adam’s site and her fitness/health goals. She created a template for weekly workout and meal plans for others to use so I thought I would try adding that for the next few months and see if I can work on my accountability to myself. Plus putting it on here adds another layer of responsibility!

New Goals – 2nd Half 2019:

Continue working out 5-6x/week with outdoor workouts and strengthening in the gym.

Build my personal yoga practice and try it 4x/month.

Increase water intake and decrease total alcohol intake.

Foam roll and stretch to help with recovery between workouts.

Cook healthy dinners 4x/week.

Weekly Plan – 6/17-6/22:
HAFWeeklyFitnessPlan 6-17

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