The End of the 101 List!

With August 14th upon us (well tomorrow), my current 101 in 1,001 List is coming to an end. Anything that I didn’t accomplish but still want to and anything that I want to push myself to do again will be added to the new list. In total I accomplished 41 of the 101 goals I set for myself, though I was close to finishing a few more.
101 in 1001.png

Included are the goals I accomplished since my last update, the goals I almost accomplished, and the ones I’ve chosen to move forward onto the next list.


  1. Reupholster my armchair chair – my mom had this professionally done as a birthday present this past year! It looks fantastic, and doesn’t show any of its 30+ years age.
  2. Experience a Buffalo Bills tailgate – we did this last November when we went up to Buffalo to see a game for my birthday. I saw no table smashing but a lot of fun drunken shenanigans by Bills fans!
  3. Move into house – we had the good fortune to move into a house last December, which we’ve been slowly renovating and cleaning up.
  4. Cut out alcohol for 1 month – I did “sober October” last Fall really just to give myself a rest from all the parties and wedding stuff we had going on. It was a nice refresh though I did miss my after dinner glass of wine!
  5. Pay off one student loan – I have loans from both undergrad and grad school, and I was so excited to finally pay off my undergrad one last December. Neither of my loans are/were very large but it was definitely a feeling of accomplishment when I made that last payment.
  6. Start a blog/journal – I wanted to find an outlet for all my random thoughts, whether that be a blog or just a journal. Obviously I went with the blog, and though I wish I posted more regularly, I feel good about what I’ve created.
  7. Pay off my car – This one came as a big surprise since I very rarely actually logged onto the bank’s website to view my loan. It was the one payment, for some reason, I had to pay via check so I would just write it out each month and send it off. I logged in so rarely that I got locked out of my account and had to call to access it and in doing so found out I had less than a monthly payment left to go! Of course as soon as I got my next paycheck, I called the bank and completely paid it off. So incredibly satisfying!

Almost accomplished:

  1. Travel to 2 new US states – 1/2 I had the pleasure of traveling to Washington State for a hiking trip with one of my closest friends.
  2. Read 75 new books in a year – Technically I could accomplish this one this year, but as the list ends in August I can’t count it. Between January 1 and August 14, I read 54 books, and I’m fairly certain I would have hit 75 before the year ends.
  3. See 5 new artists in concert – 3/5 K and I were on a roll 2 summers ago with concerts but this year we didn’t go to any. Last summer we saw Tracy Lawrence, Joe Diffie, and Travis Tritt. This summer we were out of town for all the artists we actually wanted to see and it’s rare for us to actually travel for a concert!
  4. Start a monthly friends gathering tradition – We’ve only done 2 months so far, so not enough for me to call it a tradition. If we make it 6 months in a row, I’ll count it!

I’ll be updating the 101 in 1,001 tab with my new list as I work on figuring out my next goals. I would say I’m moving about half of the items from this last list over, with several being repeats. Some things that I plan on doing again include:

  1. Trying 10 new restaurants
  2. Running in 10 races (up from 5)
  3. Trying 10 new wineries
  4. Going hiking/camping for a weekend
  5. Going to another course/certification on an Athletic Training topic

I feel pretty good about the goals I was able to cross off the list, both professionally and personally. It’s honestly crazy to look back at each list I’ve done since each one reflects what phase of my life I’m in.

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