Ready for November

October may usher in that true Fall season, but November is my favorite. The weather really starts to turn cool/cold, I can cozy up in comfy sweaters with hot cocoa and a roaring fire, and it’s the start of the birthday and holiday season for my family.

Pregnancy has really screwed with my mood the past few weeks, which has prompted me to create my goal for November – find happiness/be thankful for something every day. I’ve been having issues feeling really down, and it’s sent me a downward spiral of unhappiness and loneliness. It’s incredibly easy to get sucked in and stay down, but I’m working on getting back up.

Here’s a recap of the 1st 5 days so far:

  1. November 1 – got a new job offer!
  2. November 2 – squeezed in an early workout before K’s rugby game
  3. November 3 – K and I worked together to knock out some yard work (so. many. leaves.)
  4. November 4 – Victory Monday for the Buffalo Bills
  5. November 5 – woke up with Patton the dog snuggled against my legs

One side effect of the pregnancy blues and the fatigue from my daily commute has been the lack of desire to workout. I did end up canceling the 2 gym memberships I had (Orangetheory and Planet Fitness) because of us trying to save money for the upcoming baby – but obviously that can impact my motivation to get moving! I’ve pushed myself to get back into using my NTC app at home and utilizing the treadmill available to me at work. I love going for a long walk or slow jog outside, especially with the weather change so I aim to do one of those during the week with K and another on the weekend. We have some cold weather hikes planned for this month as well, starting with my annual birthday hike next weekend… although this year we won’t be sneaking sips of peppermint vodka! And of course to finish out the month, we have our annual Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning. We’ve slowly been convincing more friends and family to join us which, in my opinion, has made celebrating the holiday even more enjoyable!

Football & a deep fried turkey

Other things to look forward to this month: starting all my holiday shopping, accomplishing more projects around the house (hello future dining room!), Friendsgivings, and Buffalo plays on Thanksgiving day!

Cheers to a fantastic November!


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