It’s a new year…


The remainder of 2019 flew by in a blur for me. Training and starting a new job, the holidays, home projects and that pregnancy life made me feel so busy and frazzled by the time December ended. I’m definitely one of those people who view January 1 as a reset. Amidst all the cleaning and relaxing, I sat down on this past Wednesday and once again looked over the goals I set at the beginning of 2019 (overall follow thru averaged a B-) and thought through what I wanted to accomplish for myself in 2020. Health/fitness and getting my finances under control were once again at the top the list!

Health and FitnessThe pregnancy threw this intention for a loop in the later aspect of the year but maintaining my health is really important to me, especially as I get older. So, this year my focus is back on my nutrition and paying attention to what my body needs (i.e. it’s not chips and dip). Sometimes it can be hard to make my fitness and nutrition a priority when no one else at home is, but that is a problem I have to overcome myself and basically why I am making this my number 1 goal this year. Intake wise, I am trying to be more cognizant of the amount of water I’m drinking. I always shoot for at least half my body weight in ounces and should be drinking even more than that with the pregnancy. Unfortunately, I achieve this maybe 50% of the time so that will be a big focus for me over the next few weeks. I’m also trying to commit myself to more smoothies in the morning to help kick off my day with more fruits and greens. Fitness wise, overall movement and light strength training is my intent for the remainder of my pregnancy and until I’m cleared to do anything more strenuous. I’m also planning out and scheduling my workouts on my calendar each week and then challenging myself to actually complete those daily tasks – even if its just to go for a 30 minute walk!

Finances – This is where I gave myself a big F for last year. Unexpectedly losing my job last May and spending 3 months on unemployment definitely set me back personally as well as the family.  I’m lucky enough to have barely any student loan debt left and no car payment but my credit cards are atrocious and I still haven’t gotten back on my feet enough to go beyond the minimum payments each month. So this year minimizing my/our debt and increasing our savings is a HUGE priority. My goals are to directly deposit money from my paychecks into both my savings account and my retirement fund. Together, we’re planning on throwing any extra money at the credit card debt while still trying to do home reno projects. One thing I am still working out is the logistics of commuting and hanging out in a crap ton of NOVA traffic versus spending an exorbitant amount on the express lanes. In December, 75% of my spare money (and some credit cards) went to paying for my ez-pass. Definitely not conducive long-term! I downloaded The Financial Diet on my audible app so I plan on listening to that during my commutes and hopefully I can get a handle on my life (aka my poor financial choices). I have little goals set up for each month as well and I’m feeling good about this.

What are some things you’re focusing on this year?

Cheers to a new year and a renewed focus on life!

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