My 101 List

Its the first full day of Fall and I’m sitting at a friend’s farm enjoying a {FINALLY} cool day. As I stated a few posts back, I had 5 goals I wanted to focus on this year. Some I got sidetracked or lost track of, but some I crushed. And this last goal was one of those.

Goal #5 – Cross 5 things off my 101 list

I am on my third round of creating the 101 things in 1,001 days list. My current list is set to end in August of 2019. The list is a mix of personal and professional goals and experiences. So far this year, I have managed to cross 10 items off!

  1. Go camping – Memorial Day weekend with K.
  2. Go on a ski trip with friends – Massanutten for a friend’s birthday
  3. Take a local course on an ATC topic – RockBlades
  4. Go white water rafting – my bachelorette party!
  5. Learn how to properly shoot a gun
  6. Run 5 races – 2 Semper5ives, a turkey trot, a mud run, and a NATA 5k
  7. Work on a new ATC certification – RockBlades
  8. Go hiking/backpacking for a weekend – Old Rag
  9. Get my makeup professionally done – my wedding day
  10. Try 10 new wineries – I like wine

I have a few more items I’m set to cross off before the year is up (Buffalo Bills tailgate, seeing the Nutcracker) and hopefully I can work through most of the rest before next August.


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