Snow Day Musings

OlafK and I both got lucky with a snow day today so we definitely made the most of it. Slept in, shoveled snow, tackled some house projects and surprised our niece with a birthday snow ball fight (we won). Now we’re enjoying a fire, creating some custom rugby kits for his tournament over the summer and prepping some awesome snow day tacos.

20190220_164704502_iOSOur current DIY project in the house is transforming the dirty “blue room” from storage to a guest bedroom. Today we re-organized all the stuff in the room and transported majority of it to the basement storage room (K finally got it all cleaned out and cleaned up from the previous tenants). The rest of the stuff was items we use regularly or my seasonal clothes bins that I didn’t want to trek to the dungeon for so we found new homes for them (guest bedroom closet and under our bed). Next up is cleaning and painting the walls! I don’t have a specific color in mind, so we’re just going to stick with the white primer to clean it up and decide later. We have some friends/family coming to visit the first weekend in March so we have a definite timeline set to get everything looking good. There won’t be an actual guest bed in there right now but we have a lovely double queen air mattress hahaha.

Image result for nike training clubI’ve been supplementing my OTF workouts with the Nike Training Club app on my phone. I typically make it to 4-5 workouts at the studio with my work schedule and maybe a yoga class once a week. With our busy season upon us the weekend workouts are getting harder so I’ve been trying to add in some at home workouts to supplement those days. I used to use the NTC app all the time and create programs designed for whatever my current goals were. They have since changed the app and you can’t customize programs anymore but I’ve been enjoying the streaming classes they offer. I actually like them better because I have an actual person coaching me through the classes – bonus it annoys K when I work out in the living room with my live stream classes instead of just swiping through each move 🙂 I definitely recommend everyone check out the app if they’re looking for more at-home options!

The Riyria Revelations by Michael J. SullivanMy reading this month has been slightly derailed. I only read 3 new books so far compared to the 10 last month but I also re-read 3 books (does not count towards my 60 book goal this year). After starting the Legends of the First Empire series and having to wait for the remaining 3 books, I deep-dove into the Riyria Revelations and re-read the whole series. It’s fascinating how that much time between events distorts history. The Revelations take place about 3,000 years after the Age of Legends series. I don’t want to spoil a ton and reveal too much, so I just highly recommend everyone check out Michael J Sullivan’s books.

Tomorrow is back to regularly scheduled life – gym at 5am, work at 630 am, home to eat leftovers on the couch with K hopefully by 6pm! Hope everyone enjoyed a spontaneous day off from work today 🙂

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