February Books

I only read 3 new books in February, though I also re-read a 3 book series. So far I’ve knocked out 12 out of 60 new books for 2019. I’m on the hunt for new ones to try! I just started listening to the Bad on Paper podcast so hopefully I’ll stumble on some good ones from Grace and Becca.

  1. Age of Swords {Michael J Sullivan}A+
  2. Age of War {Michael J Sullivan}A+ I wanted to talk about the first 2 books together since they are part of the Legends of the First Empire series. I raved about the first one last month, and books 2 & 3 were just as fantastic. Pretty sure I finished them in a day and a half. I’m going to sound like a broken record here, but Michael J Sullivan is seriously an amazing storyteller. I truly felt transported to this other world and could see all the scenes unfolding in front of me. Book 2 continues with Persephone trying to unite the humans to fight against the elves and brings the dwarves into the equation as well. The events happening give so much back story for the way history is thought or believed during the Riyria Revelations. I don’t want to give any spoilers because I would love for everyone to experience these books for themselves. I will say that some sacrifices have to be made and I actually got emotional about this first one because it was so unexpected gut-wrenching! READ READ READ.
  3. She Was the Quiet One {Michele Campbell}B This book was somewhat interesting in that I really just wanted to see how the plot really played out. The story is these sixteen year old twin sisters are orphaned when their mom dies, and their estranged grandmother winds up taking them in. They are enrolled in a prestigious boarding school and things start getting serious. One twin (Rose) is studious and follow the rules to a T, the other (Bel) is wild and unruly and lets her emotions and vulnerabilities lead her. Bel slides in with the “popular” girls who love to cause trouble everywhere and also develops a MAJOR (aka very inappropriate) crush on her advisor and English teacher. The sisters fight constantly, with one fight leading to 2 of Bel’s friends getting expelled from school. Bel starts sleeping with her teacher but other students find out and craziness ensues. Bel is found murdered, everyone believes Rose killed her. Her grandmother wants to lock her up for being crazy and only 2 people actually think she might be innocent. I won’t give too much anyway because I think it’s intriguing enough for me to recommend others check it out too 🙂

We have a road trip planned for Savannah this upcoming weekend, so my goal is to hit the library to get a book or 2 to read for the car rides. Send any book recommendations my way!



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