Bi-weekly Dose of Positivity (7.5.19)

Hope everyone had a fantastic 4th of July! I skipped last week’s post with it being our last day in Vegas and a long travel day, so I’m combining some items from last week into this one. It was a short week at home and we’ve been hanging out North Carolina the past 2 days. I was laid up sick all day Thursday, so today feels like a breath of fresh air. The annual July 4th rugby 7s tournament we always go to starts tomorrow and I have stocked up on cider and sunscreen! (though I have my rainboots as it may also be raining).

Enso silicone rings – I bought K and I silicone rings before we got married. I got him some random 10-pack off Amazon because he has to almost always wear the silicone one versus his real band due to work and rugby. For me, I went with the Enso brand. I love the different variations available plus all the different color options. I have the hammered style in grey, storm blue, and caribbean. I wear them for anything active (hiking, the gym, yard work, etc), anytime I’m going to be out in the heat, and while sleeping. I have a problem with my fingers swelling when I’m hot or dehydrated so the silicone is a lifesaver. K had to cut a ring off my middle finger once after a night of drinking and I just about had a panic attack because I couldn’t get it off!

Barefoot rose wine spritzers – As I mentioned in the Vegas recap, I pretty much drank these nonstop by the pool. Not usually a fan of that much rose, but combined with the heat and pouring the cans over ice – they were perfect and delicious! It probably helped that it was a spritzer and not a straight glass of wine 🙂

j.crew: oversized cashmere wrap, right side, view zoomedCashmere wrap – I bought a cashmere wrap last year during j.crew’s holiday sales but this is the first time I’ve traveled via air since I bought it. It was PERFECT for the plane. Lightweight enough that I could drape it around my neck or shove it in my bag when I was hot yet so warm and cozy when I needed a blanket on the cold planes. Plus with the crazy temperature difference out in Washington, I was super glad to have a scarf with me! The wrap is incredibly soft, and currently they  are on sale at j.crew for 40% off (code FIREWORKS).

NTC run and workout app – I’ve talked about these apps a few times before, so that should show how much I enjoy them! I use the run app every time I do an outdoor run and I just started testing out the guided runs available (tip – change the setting from outdoor to indoor if you’re on a treadmill. I forgot to do that one hahah). The workout app I have used on and off for the past 5 years for at home workouts. I just got back into since I froze my OTF account and enjoy supplementing it with the other stuff I am doing. {sidenote – they created a “premium’ paid section instead of it all being free but the free stuff is still great and worth checking out!}. The workouts can be searched for by workout type, muscle group, equipment available and also time. There is also athlete led classes and collections of workouts. Overall it’s a great app that coaches you through the workout and syncs with your iTunes playlists.

See the source imageCilantro jalapeño hummus – I’ve been back into hummus lately to eat at lunch and stumbled upon this absolute gem from Wegmans. The flavors mesh perfectly together and I had to stop myself from eating the whole container in one day. I even bought a second one to bring down to NC for my grandma to try!

Krylon COLORmaxx Paint – One of our long-term renovation plans for the outside is to replace all the railings in the front and back of the house. Since we’re not ready for that, we went the temporary route to at least make them look better. Enter this fantastic acrylic latex paint from Krylon! I brushed it on top of the current rusted situation and there was an immediate difference. Plus its been so hot out, the paint dried almost immediately! This was an excellent choice for now.



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