Fitness? Or Fit This Whole Pizza in my Mouth… (Week of July 8, 2019)

Now that I’ve escaped the oppressive death by humidity of Coastal North Carolina, I can get back to the regular scheduled workouts. I sometimes get nostalgic about Jacksonville because I lived there as a kid, and then we return every summer for this rugby tournament and I get a very fast reminder on why I could never live there again! I even went out at 5am for a run and came back after 1 mile completely drenched, like I had jumped in a pool. Definitely not the climate for me. On the plus side, Virginia weather doesn’t feel so bad now!

My body definitely needs a recovery day today after that long weekend of sun, rugby and cider plus there’s the issue of my feet being covered in ant bites. I treated myself to sleeping in and chose not to go to the actual gym and instead I’m focusing on unpacking the truck, reorganizing our lives and then going for a short run later.

WeeklyFitnessPlan 7-8I’m still playing around a lot with what I’m doing in the gym and this week I decided to do more of an OTF style focus and split my days into strength, endurance and power. I’m really not the best endurance runner. I can do 3 miles comfortably but I have a very fluctuating pace. My plan is to keep my mileage short this week and try to increase my pace a little. 2 of my treadmill runs are going to be NTC guided runs, plus I’m challenging myself to do OTF’s 1-mile benchmark. Even though I’m not going to classes, I can still keep track and compare to my last one!

I’m also focusing a little more on recovery and nutrition. I am NOT going to fit a whole pizza in my mouth! (and I do really love pizza). I have a trigger point foam roller to help my muscles/fascia feel good and I’m working on the right combination of moves for my go-to dynamic warm-up/cool-down. As always, I’m trying to get more water in to help curb the mindless snacking (plus it always makes me skin feel better) and get my hydration levels back up.

As always – the template for the the fitness plan is on Liz has some great outdoor and treadmill interval runs posted on her site as well (for those who run more than me!).


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