Feel Well – Move Well (Week of July 15, 2019)

This week’s focus is all about consistency. I lightened up my workouts over the weekend since I was helping to take care of my cousin’s kids and I wasn’t really sure what each day was going to entail {And by taking care of, I mean my mom was the responsible one while I did a lot of roughhousing}. After our last trip, I’ve started to slack off on getting up early and over to the gym. While I’m not going to push myself to get back to getting up at 5am, I am going to shoot for 6am with getting my workout started by 6:30/7am.  The other consistency focus is going to be on nutrition. I had some great Kraft mac & cheese, hot dogs, and movie theater popcorn this weekend but it was a bit more indulgent than my body prefers and I’m paying for it today! I’ve learned from past experience that limiting dairy in my diet is a good thing – both for my stomach and skin. The same can be said with making sure I’m getting enough water.

Here is my overall workout and meal plan for the week:

WeeklyFitnessPlan 7-15I like to throw in a couple shorter outdoor runs that K will do with me after work or on the weekend. It’s rare that we get the chance to workout together lately (that commuter life sucks) so I’ll take what I can get! I worked out at our home gym this morning and plan to do the same tomorrow, in combination with a longer run around the Canal Path (it’s a 3 mile loop along the river and through town, but turns out my “warm-up” run to get there is a mile. And then I have to walk or run back! Oof.). At the gym, I am going to focus on speed and incline work on the treadmill with some NTC workouts off my app. I have learned that if I’m not going to be going to classes, I have to consistently switch up my routine or my mind/motivation will wander!

The motto feel well – move well has a couple different meanings for me. I’m only going to talk about 1 this time and save the second for next week. Feel well can translate to how you feel in what you’re wearing. It’s no secret that the right clothes or shoes can be the motivating factor in a workout or on the opposite spectrum, the wrong clothes or shoes can ruin a workout (ill-fitting, uncomfortable, etc). I wanted to highlight my top picks for my workouts:

Shoes :: Nike Flyknits – I actually have 2 pairs of these, one for running and one designed for training. The running version is the Nike Free RN Fyknit 2017, and the trainers are Nike Free TR Flyknit 2. I prefer minimalist shoes though due to my reoccurring shin splints, these are as minimal as I have been able to go. Nike started adding more cushioning and support to the sole in the 2018 and up versions, so I stick with my 2017s. I like my foot to be able to be protected from the elements but it also needs to rely on feedback from the ground & be strong/stable on its own and it can’t do that if I’m running on a cloud! Another thing I really like about the flyknits is the fabric on the upper. Even though the shoes don’t quite follow the actual shape of the foot, having the flyknit material on the upper still allows for adequate toe splay while I’m moving.

Bottoms :: Lululemon leggings & running shorts – it’s no surprise that majority of my workout clothing is Lululemon! I swear by their quality and the way the clothes actually fit. I bought my first pair of leggings in 2013 and I still wear them regularly. My go-to leggings are the wonder under and the align versions. The align is new to me, but I love the barely there feeling when I’m running. The wonder under has been my staple for yoga and the gym for the past 6 years. I get both styles in the high-waisted version because that’s what stays on my hips the best, plus when I’m being bendy in yoga, rowing or various other exercises, the waistband doesn’t roll down! Shorts wise, I love running in the hotty hot short II. I size up so the material is looser on my thighs, and they are so comfortable and breezy when I run without feeling like booty-shorts.

I am well aware that I have a lot of leggings.

Tops :: Lululemon/Mesh jerseys – I mentioned the Breeze By top before, and I also regularly grab the swiftly tech tops (tank, short-sleeve, and long-sleeve). BUT my most worn workout tops are actually my husband’s old lacrosse pinnies from high school! I love how loose and breezy they are, plus the mesh allows for a lot of air flow and feels cool on my skin. I’ve even gotten pinnies made for his current rugby teams because I love wearing them so much.

Feeling good and being comfortable in what I’m wearing are important to me when it comes to working out. Having to constantly rank my shorts down or my pants up when running is a workout ruiner (possibly not a real word). And if I’m feeling confident and not worrying about my clothes/shoes, I can focus solely on me putting in a great workout.

{disclaimer – I will not judge other people and what they choose to workout in, just myself. BUT I will definitely judge my husband when he wears colors that in no way match.}

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