Change of Direction

I feel like I’ve been trying to figure out my life for the longest time. There was a span where I actually moved every 1-2 years – I went from New York ⇒ Texas Virginia Florida and finally back to Virginia. I went from working as a college and/or high school athletic trainer to working solely in a clinic, and now I’m again at a crossroads of where to go next.

lost and exploring

I no longer have the cushion of a job (even a disliked one) to casually search for that dream position. And there’s a hint of desperation and a lot of depressing thoughts when the realization hits that you can’t contribute to the family finances and you’re barely staying afloat yourself. (It really sucks having to ask my husband for money for facewash and cat litter because he adamantly refuses to let me spend my own money on anything but my necessary bills. Plus now he knows how much money I spend on my facewash.) I’m trying to figure out what direction I want my career/life to go in now that the safety net is essentially gone. There’s so many people that have done drastic career changes in their 30’s but is that something I can do? Is that something I WANT to do?

Image result for EXOSI created a career intention back in January to pursue a new training certification and have done some research on it several times. I finally took a step in the right direction earlier this month and signed up for the EXOS Performance Specialist course and certification. EXOS is one of the top companies I would love to work for/with so when they sent me a discount code after my last conference, I jumped on the chance to actually learn straight from them. Image result for exos everyday is gamedayTechnically I skipped a step by not getting my straight Certified Personal Trainer cert first, but with my athletic training and PARISI coach background, I felt pretty solid about my decision [plus when there’s a chance to get that cert for 40% off, you don’t NOT take it]. I’m in the middle of the course right now and already imaging all the ways I can utilize the information from an injury standpoint – both with rehab and with prevention.

With taking this next step, I have to sit down and really figure out what do I really want to do? And how does this make me more marketable? In the mean time, I’m going to keep studying, working out, and painting the walls of my prison… oops I mean house.

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