Best Buys 2019

We’re halfway through January and I’m still working on kicking off this year on a strong note. I started combing through my house/closet/life and really got to thinking – what were the best purchases I made in 2019? Lately I tend to focus on the bad when it comes to managing or the lack of managing my money, and I’ve readily acknowledged that I have a spending habit that I’m taking a sharper look at this year. While trying to think positive,  I decided to hone in on my favorite or most used purchases I actually did make this past year:

2019 buys

  1. Nathan James nightstand (via Amazon). I initially purchased this last January to serve as my nightstand. I needed something that was less obtrusive and lighter than what I was previously using since there was not a lot of space on my side of the bed. Since then, the table has moved to the reading room to accompany my rocking chair and now to beside our loveseat. It will ultimately move to the nursery to accompany my rocking chair once that room is done. I personally LOVE this table. It’s incredibly clean and has a minimalist look, and the marble style top with natural legs appeal to my overall taste. It has looked fantastic everywhere I’ve placed it. Bonus – it was incredibly easy to put together.
  2. Sawyer leaning bookshelf (via Crate & Barrel). This was another home furnishings purchase I made at the beginning of last year. I started coveting the style when I saw them repeatedly displayed in Jess’s home ( and decided to go for it for the office. I have been utilizing the shelves to store my hair tools and products as well as a few knickknacks. Once the nursery is done, I plan on moving the bookshelf in there to sit beside the changing table/dresser and store diaper supplies. I would also love to buy a couple more!!
  3. Herbivore Rose Hibiscus face mist (via Sephora). I was previously using a hydrating mist from an organic farm in Colorado but I finally ran out and was looking to streamline my purchases better. Instead of buying my face products from multiple sources, I wanted to see what I could find of the same quality at Sephora. The Herbivore Rose Hibiscus face mist is a coconut water hydrating mist that includes rosewater, hibiscus flower extract and hyaluronic acid. It’s part of the Clean selection at Sephora and is considered vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free. Over the past couple years I have been focusing on transitioning to non-toxic and all natural skincare products and this face mist has been a constant in my arsenal since I bought it. I actually split the bottle between the original and a mini spray bottle so I could keep one in my purse at all times – perfect over the summer when I’m outside sweating all day! It’s also great as a pick-me-up spritz in the middle of the work day when I’m feeling ragged.
  4. Cut off denim shorts (via Target). I highlighted these on one of my love lists over the summer. Definitely a capsule wardrobe staple! I really wanted a pair of destroyed jean shorts but did not want to shell out a ton of money – even though I tend to go for high quality denim since it lasts longer, I opted out of the battle of explaining that purchase to the hubs. I find a great high waisted pair at Target and added some more destruction via sandpaper and scissors. Those shorts were definitely on constant repeat through the whole summer and well into the fall season before I finally had to pack them up (high waisted jeans and pregnancy don’t go well! They finally got too tight to button). I can’t wait to pull them back out in the spring of this year.
  5. Spanx faux leather leggings (via Nordstrom). I was on the fence about buying these during the 2018 anniversary sale and they ultimately sold out before I made my decision. I regretted missing out and actually bought a pair of leggings from Lululemon that had a “leather like sheen” so I could test how often I would want to wear them. The answer was a lot so during the sale this past year, the Spanx leggings was the only item I purchased. Of course by the time the weather was ready for them, I was pregnant but I utilized the hell out them as long as I could! The hype is real, the fit is amazing and comfortable and they are so incredibly versatile throughout my wardrobe!
  6. S’well commuter lid. This lid has been a game changer for my morning commute. I had been using my traveler style for water (I like the shape and wider mouth better than the normal style) but when driving it can be a hassle because I either have to constantly unscrew the lid to drink or just leave the lid off all together (not always a great idea if you have to stop suddenly!). Enter this lid! The pop top seals great and makes it so much easier to drink from the bottle when in the car. I’ve since switched to using my traveler for coffee on the go and the commuter lid is perfect.
  7. Lululemon On The Fly pants. Have you ever stopped a stranger and actually asked them about their clothes? That’s how I found these pants – I spotted a women at my work conference over the summer that had on a great/comfy looking pair of dress pants that I could have sworn I saw the Lululemon logo on. Sure enough she confirmed  they were the On The Fly pants and I immediately went to the website and added them to my favorites. When I started my new job over the summer and was no longer going to be in scrubs every day, these pants in the cropped version were my first purchase for my “work uniform”. Since then I have added 2 more pairs in the ⅞ style and these 3 pairs have been on constant rotation throughout the work week. They are so incredibly comfortable, lightweight and breathable while still looking professional even as I grow with pregnancy – even more comfortable than any maternity style I tried! 

I probably could have put more items on this list, but some I just bought in December so I want to give it a little more time before I deem it a “best purchase ever”. I also did not want it to seem like I was sitting here trying to justify the many purchases I did make!! I went through my order history at some of the top places I spent money and curated a small list from there. I will also say, when I look at the things I do still own and utilize regularly – it’s items I bought years ago and still have or have regularly replaced as I ran out.

Honorable mentions: JCrew V-neck boyfriend cashmere sweater, Nike epic react sneakers, Lululemon hotty hot running shorts, wireless headphones, Lululemon align leggings, travel toiletries bag.


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