Into the Unknown

It feels like a lifetime since I last sat down to write anything here. And as everyone else has been saying, we’re in a completely different world now. Not only that, I’M in a completely different world now – motherhood!

helicopter sheets & a cat paci

K and I have just been hibernating since the birth of Baby Bach. He is 2 weeks old now and there has definitely been a huge learning curve for me! K has been around babies and kids his whole life with the amount of siblings and nieces/nephews he has… I have not. All of this is completely new territory for me!! We have limited visitors to specific family members who voluntarily self-isolated for a minimum of 2 weeks before coming over (basically both our parents and one sister each) and there is typically one person over here every day or so to help for a few hours. And by help, I mean they entertain and cuddle Baby Bach while I recover, nap, and do random things around the house {C-sections are no joke – though I occasionally have to be reminded that I had major surgery and need to rest more}.

lush green grass and a happy cat – this grass has come a looong way since we moved in!

With all the COVID-19 chaos going on, K has been home from work more often than not as well. The amount of house/yard projects he has completed in the past 2+ weeks compared to the entire year we have been living in this house is insane! He’s finally slowed down a little bit, mostly because if he wants to do more he has to actually go out and buy more supplies. Now we’re just making lists and pinning inspiration for our next long-term projects – which won’t happen until we are both back to work full-time!

As I get back into the groove of writing, I’ll highlight some of the projects and the rooms we have finished and what we have next, go through my must-haves/lifesavers for post-partum recovery and for Baby Bach, make a list of all my random and not so random quarantine purchases, and maybe even talk about what my labor and recovery was like amidst the pandemic (always create a birth plan, but be completely prepared for all of that to go out the window!!).

Cheers to the unknown, new beginnings, and all those working out there on the frontlines!

one of my last few commutes before we transitioned to mostly telehealth & I went out on maternity leave!



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