Nursery Rhyme

When we first found out we were having a baby, we started making plans for creating his nursery. We have one more bedroom in the house that needs to be completely overhauled – new drywall and ceiling, new windows, new lighting fixture, updated closet space, increased and updated electrical outlets…. like I said, completely overhauled. The plan was to turn this room into Baby B’s nursery. I was excited to basically start from scratch and create the perfect space that could grow with our son.

Ultimately, life got in the way and with having to purchase a new car at the beginning of the year (RIP Blue Belle), we decided to hold off on renovations and utilize the other bedroom (aka the office) that was already finished.

panoramic view {initial set-up before heading to the hospital!}

Instead of repainting the walls a “warm white” (Snowbound by Sherwin Williams) like I had planned and again to save money and time, I kept the bluish-green color that was chosen for the office. Luckily, everything I had earmarked for his room was neutral shades with some blue mixed in so the walls were still a complimentary color. I had already planned on re-purposing the dresser as his changing table and the ladder bookshelf for books and supplies, so those items stayed put. The top drawer of the dresser is filled with diapers for a quick change, while the other 2 drawers are filled with blankets and clothes. {side note – as Baby B is on the small side, all the clothes that currently fit him have been hung up so the bottom drawer is full of clothing sizes 0-3 month that are technically still too big and the middle drawer has his muslin blankets and newborn sweatpants!}

My mom gave us a vintage duckling mobile that she had bought in the early eighties before my older sister was born. It is definitely not an item a baby should be reaching for so instead of even placing it over his crib, I opted for in front of the windows and over the arm chair. The ducklings are made of a more ceramic material and sound like a beautiful wind-chime, which I’m hoping provides a more relaxing vibe when I breastfeed or rock him to sleep. The chair itself is both a swivel and rocking chair, and is also from the early 80’s! My mom got it as part of a furniture set around the time I was born and I’ve been toting it around to all my apartments/houses since I finished undergrad. For my birthday 2 years ago, my mom had it reupholstered for me and now I plan to use for my own kid!

My sister surprised us with an amazing cross-stitch with animals and the alphabet to hang on the wall – which wound up looking perfect with the paint color! Another friend gifted us this beautiful painting she created – it reminds me of Niagara Falls. Right now that is all we have hanging up, though I plan to add a mirror above the dresser/changing table at some point.

I’ve made some changes to the room as we utilize it more now that Baby B is here. I moved my illustrated Harry Potter books to the living room so I could store more of his board books on the nursery shelves (can’t wait to read HP to him!!). There is a small touch light resting on the top shelf for the night-time diaper changes and feedings – softer/dimmer lighting instead of turning on the brighter overhead lights at night. More storage baskets have been added in the closet and under the bed for things such as extra crib and bassinet sheets, burp cloths, and washcloths. The baby monitor has been set-up for when he starts napping in his crib more. I also added a small ottoman to rest my feet on during those middle of the night feedings. A small side table has been ordered so I actually have somewhere in reach to put my water bottle, iPad (I read books on my iPad in the middle of the night) and breastfeeding basket on but for now I’m making due with what I have.

We still have plans to renovate the other room and transition Baby B over there in the next year or so but for now, I’m loving the nursery set up we created for him!

nursery 7
the original Marly Cat

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