All Hallows’ Eve

Happy Halloween! The holiday itself has moved so far away from its original intention, and now its really known for trick-or-treating, kids in costumes, and endless amounts of candy. I’m not a huge Halloween person and would rather spend the evening around a bonfire with friends.

Regardless of my adult views on Halloween, I definitely enjoyed dressing up as kid! I thought I’d highlight some of my favorite costumes from childhood (and one from a few years ago with my favorite banana) 🙂

My mom was pretty awesome about doing our costumes homemade, which definitely made them more memorable. Looking back at photos I also realize I was a witch an exorbitant amount of times. Now I only dress up for our theme days at work, and I’ve learned that the right pair of leggings make for a very easy costume {check out tipsy elves for an awesome selection} without affecting my ability to actually do my job. I was the Little Mermaid back in 1st grade and I have a feeling I’ll be replicating that next year with these, while these have been my go-to for work the past 2 years.

Image result for witch gif


How do you celebrate Halloween?

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