With the holidays and moving, plus not having internet for a week+, I wound up taking a small break from writing. We officially got everything into the house and turned in our apartment keys on the 16th… and immediately went out and bought a Christmas tree because I NEEDED to decorate. I really can’t wait to see what the house looks like next year for the holidays when we have a lot more work done and more time. Regardless, the lit tree looked amazing in our front window and Marly the cat loved hanging out next to it, scoping out the outdoors.

We’ve got a few minor things done in the house that have already made it look 10x better. The new washer & dryer set were delivered and installed – which is great since we always end up with a ton of laundry to do. K and his dad installed a new kitchen faucet that 1) doesn’t leak and 2) looks exponentially better than the old rusted stuff that was there. K also hung 2 floating shelves on the open wall in the kitchen, which helps us get more stuff off the counter and takes away the randomness of an open wall. We’re planning on eventually gutting the whole kitchen so we’re not going to do a ton there until then. For now the faucet and shelves elevate the room from ugh to oooh. Our plumber and K got the new toilet installed so we don’t have to trek to the basement every time we need to use it (you always had to carry a phone with you, in case somehow you got locked down there. not fun). We got lucky with some great weather right before Christmas and tackled some yard work. I had honestly never raked leaves before and then spent 3 days doing just that. Luckily K bought me work gloves, or my hands would be toast. With the grass cleared, the ivy on our front retaining wall trimmed, and all the bushes surrounding the front of the house trimmed down the yard looks 100% better. We even got some compliments from the neighbors on our work. And I feel like a pro leaf raker now.

My project right now is getting my office/dressing room ready. The bathroom and bedroom closets are so tiny that I’m creating this space for myself to give K more space in the other rooms. Besides my desk, I’m putting a dresser and mirror in there, plus some storage for all my bathroom products/utensils. It’ll be much easier to blow dry my hair and do my makeup in there versus the bathroom, especially with both us of trying to get ready for work at the same time. There is an extra closet in there for my to use and K will utilize the extra one in the other bedroom (he likes to hang everything and definitely has way more clothes than he thinks).

My mom got me a bunch of painting supplies and a Lowes gift card for Christmas to help get me started. I taped everything and primed the walls yesterday and am doing the rest of the painting today. I picked a rich greenish blue for the wall color and am excited to see how the room looks at the end. I’ll definitely be posting some photos once we have everything done! I got lucky and was able to take some days off of work between Christmas and New Years so I have plenty of time to knock some stuff out.

I’m off to Lowes, my home away from home, to get more painting supplies. I’ll continue to post home reno updates as we tackle different projects and check out the different photos/story updates I put on Instagram!

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