Sunday thoughts

At my yoga class today, our instructor had us start the class with a personal intention. I usually have 2 that I pick from - strength and love. The love is for myself - I force myself to acknowledge what I need that day and how my body feels as I take myself through the... Continue Reading →

December Books

I went to check out my goodreads account and discovered that I read 3 books in December. THREE. Apparently life got way in the way of things and I completely dropped the ball there. I guess all the packing, and moving, and holiday life got the best of me. I vow to get back in... Continue Reading →


We're moooooving! Finally! K and I are making the transition from an apartment over to a house. We've actually been trying to move into this house for about 2 years now and the opportunity finally arose so we jumped on it. The house itself has been in K's family for decades but hasn't had much... Continue Reading →

101 Updates!

Since my last post in September about my 101 list, I've managed to cross a few more items off. I'm pretty proud of myself for accomplishing my goals and/or dreams, as well as crossing off some things that just need to be done with life! The whole list can be seen here: 101 things in... Continue Reading →

November Books

November was a light book month for me. I dove head first into a YA series and then tapered off towards that last couple weeks. I try to read a little bit at night but I was either at the gym or going to bed early and before I knew it, I had a half... Continue Reading →

What’s Your Packing Style?

How do you pack? Are you a hardcore organizer with lists, a frantic last-minute packer, or somewhere in-between? I am definitely an organizer. I like to be prepared, sometimes over prepared, but its a process I enjoy. There are several steps I take when figuring out how to pack for a trip. Obsessively check the... Continue Reading →

It’s Friiidaaay!

When I was in high school a group of guys would always jump up in the cafeteria and yell "it's Friiiiiiiidaaaaaaay". It sounds silly and slightly juvenile, but it always made the day seem better. They'd yell and you'd think to yourself "ah yes, Friday. Where have you been all week?!". I still love Fridays... Continue Reading →

There’s an Excitement in the Air

Ever notice how the things we look forward to always happen so quickly and everything else drags on?! I LOVE having something to look forward to, it really makes the mundane times tolerable. Sometimes that something is just a Mellow Mushroom date on a Saturday afternoon (like this weekend) and sometimes its a big thing... Continue Reading →

Shopping for Fall

I've mentioned before that I have a "slight" shopping problem (this week alone I've purchased things from RockTape, J.Crew, Lululemon, Amazon and World Rugby Shop) but with the start of October and fall season underway, the itch is stroooong. I have gotten significantly better at impulse shopping and buying on trend. The past few season... Continue Reading →

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